Somatic Imaging


Somatic Imaging is a new method for facilitating inner work through gentle touch and dialogue.  The deep psyche (or unconscious mind) often communicates through dreams, fantasy images, and bodily symptoms.  Somatic Imaging gently supports the client in learning to  listen and work with these communications.


Day-to-day life is often stressful, loud, tumultuous, fast-paced, and often prevents us from really dropping in to encounter our deeper selves. Somatic Imaging provides a safe, quiet and supported space in which a dialogue between the client and psyche can unfold.



What to Expect: The client lies comfortably on the massage table and is guided to a connection with psyche by the therapist through light touch, and gentle prompts and questions.  The therapist holds no attachment to a particular outcome, and works with whatever arises. The session proceeds with a sense of curiosity and openness while staying focused on the client’s personal process. There are no “right” or “wrong” answers or responses. The therapist’s role is to facilitate the client’s connection to psyche. It is not for the therapist to judge, approve/disapprove, or advise. The client’s role is to pay attention and be receptive to what may come up in the session (e.g., images, memories, sensations, emotions, inspirations, etc.). When the therapist and client are equally contributing in this way, the result is often a synergistic experience through which the client is able to receive understanding and insight that supports them in their path of healing and meaning-making.


While Somatic Imaging is being developed, 50 minute sessions are being offered for a $25 donation.


Please note that somatic imaging is not a substitute for psychotherapy or professional psychiatric care, but may compliment such care.

Where does this come from?


Somatic Imaging is being developed by Jenny Winkel, MA, and Jonathan Whittle-Utter, MA, based on their studies in the somatic depth psychology program at Pacifica Graduate Institute.  Jonathan and Jenny are both professional massage therapists researching the intersection of mind, body and touch.