Wellness Services


Since launching my massage therapy & holistic bodywork practice in 2010, I have continued my education in mind-body healing through yoga, coaching certification, and receiving my MA in somatic depth psychology. 

I'm happy to offer the following services to help you in your healing journey:

Somatic Yoga Instruction

Somatic yoga combines ancient techniques for mind-body connection with modern neuroscience and physiology.  Stregnthen, stretch, and get to know your body better!  Instruction available for individuals and groups. 

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Wellness Coaching & Consulation

Wellness Coaching is facillitated support for you to reclaim your agency around health and well-being.  Over a period of time we work together to build lasting good habits around nutrition, exercise, self-care, and peace of mind


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Somatic Imaging

Somatic Imaging is a new method for facilitated inner work through gentle touch.  the client drops into an inner state and engages with mental imagery and somatic sensations.  Somatic Imaging is being developed by myself and a colleague at Pacifica Graduate Institute.  Because it is a developing technique, somatic imaging sessions are currently only a $25 donation.


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