Holistic Wellness Coaching & Consulting


70% of health-care costs stem from preventable diseases.

(Centre for Disease Control and Prevention).


70 – 80% of physician visits are stress related.

(US Public Health Survey)

Wellnes Coaching Specialties:


- Creating a healthy lifestyle that works for you and sticking to it.

-Achieving your personal optimal fitness and lasting weight loss.

- Overcoming stress, tension, and living a more balanced life

- Managing chronic pain and illness.

Wellness Coaching & Consulting Fees        


Initial Consult (30 mins)       No charge


1 Month Coaching (4 sessions)            $300*

(expires after 7 weeks)


6 Months Coaching (24 sessions)        $1560*

(expires after 1 year)



*Sessions can take place in person, via phone, or video call. Typically coaching sessions last 45 minutes, but if we need to take an extra five or ten minutes at the end to wrap things up, that's fine.

Holistic Wellness Coaching is consistent, facilitated support for you to reclaim your agency around health and well-being in mind and body.  We work together over time to create a lifestyle of optimal health through nutrition, fitness, physical and emotional self-care, and cultivating peace of mind


Often clients already know what needs to change in order to live happier, healthier lives - sometimes our doctors tell us outright - and yet change can still be challenging.  Working with me as a wellness coach means having an advocate and strategist to help you achieve lasting and meaningful changes.


Holistic wellness means recognizing that mind, body, and emotional life are all deeply connected.  Your habits, beliefs, past experiences, social situation, nutrition, exercise, and self care all play a role in your physical, emotional, and mental health.  Our current medical model often treats you like a broken machine, and tries to fix problems mechanically, after the fact.  By contrast, the wellness paradigm recognizes lasting health is helped immeasurably by cultivating awareness and dedication to our own well-being.


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"By focusing on the process, Jonathan guided me to tap into my natural resources and abilities, supporting me in making significant shifts. I still use techniques learned in my sessions with Jonathan on a daily basis to keep me grounded."

- Sean Benson