COVID UPDATE:  I will be open for limited appointments starting in July.  Precautions for safety going forward will include mutual mask wearing during the session, disinfection of the space following each appointment, and maintaining a limit of one bodywork session per day while the pandemic continues.  If you have any questions or concerns about safety, please let me know!


Too often we ignore our bodies and live in our heads, wondering why we feel disconnected. We wait until something goes wrong - an injury, overwhelming stress, or a diagnosis from the doctor - before we ask for help.  Sadly our culture has largely forgotten how to honor our bodies, and we all pay the price.


Whether you experience stress and tension, chronic pain, injury, poor health, or just normal human "skin-hunger" from our fast-paced, isolating society - massage therapy and holistic bodywork can help.  Conscious, nurturing bodywork can heal physical injuries, soothe you emotionally & spiritually, and cultivate  deeper harmony between your inner and outer worlds.


Every body deserves to be nurtured, healed, and cared for - including yours.


I look forward to working with you,


Jonathan Erickson, PhD, CMT, RYT